Living with atrial fibrillation

Livet med hjerteflimmer, atrieflimren, hjerterytmeforstyrrelser
Many people say that they experience a reduced quality of life due to atrial fibrillation. They can no longer do activities that they enjoyed, or their ability to concentrate is affected. Many patients also experience anxiety about their condition, and the complications that may develop.

However it is possible to achieve a high quality of life, despite your condition. Achieving this goal requires an understanding of atrial fibrillation and the various treatment methods, alongside some discipline on the part of the individual.

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Atrieflimren (hjerteflimmer) og livskvalitet

Atrial fibrillation and quality of life

Many people live a good and rich life despite atrial fibrillation (atrial fibrillation), however there are many individuals whose quality of life is significantly reduced by the condition.

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